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It's amazing how an old photo that I've never seen before can make me fall in love with you all over again. I'm halfway across the world right now, but you are with me always. I am so grateful for the wonderful memories that you have given me and the amazing friends who will always remember you and love you.
Uncle Tom 'T Bone'
Hello Sir John....I just noticed that wonderful new picture of you posted on your website. You truly were in your element that day. The only thing missing in the photo was a fishing rod & sweet Cynthia! PS and a 'pooch'!!!
miss you bud
aunt mary
Once again approaching the holidays thinking about you. love you.
Derek r
The older I get the more I think about how much I missed out by not spending more time with John. John was one of those people whose loving, joyful demeanor was completely infectious. He made everyone around him better. I know I'm a better person because he was in my life. I will cherish the times I had with John - playing tennis with him, going to hs with him, hanging out by the water with him...I will never forget John and my memories of him will always make me realize how lucky I am to have known such a beautiful person.
John, your spirit was always so sweet and gentle...I been having dreams about you for some reason often, I finally wanted to know why I kept having them, I never truly knew what happened. Recently I had to reach out to someone else who knew you. When I found out, I cried and still to this day I don't know why I kept having dreams about u. But all I know you were a sweet guy, I have nothing but beautiful memories of u! You will be forever missed!
You were always one of the first to be friend me when I moved to stafford. I always loved you for that! Everytime I drive past your road on the way to my parents I think about you and all the great times we had playing 4 square and the parties as we got older. Miss you everyday.
How strange these past 3 years have been without you. I love you and miss you tons.
Thinking about you brotha
Gautam Sultane
Dear John and Mary,
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family today on the anniversary of your son John Jr.
Regards - Gautam
aunt mary
hey John, As I begin to wonder how to express anything about this day what comes to mind is that all the days that you stood among us were special days. This day, when Uncle Tom and I drove up to your place to visit with you once more will be remembered always too. I hope, in where you are now, you receive 100 fold the love that is never forsaken.
I really miss celebrating our birthdays together, we always had a blast no matter what we were doing. I have so many amazing memories of us together celebrating with our friends on the beach by the shack. Also, the anniversary of our wedding is coming up soon too. What a wonderful day that was. I am so proud to be a part of the Rust family. I miss you and I think of you everyday.
Love Always,
Uncle Tom 'T Bone'
Happy Birthday John...I think of you ever so often as you well know. I was just reviewing your old pictures and without a doubt the 'pooch' photos are some of my favorite. Thank you John for being with us in so many Aunt Mary said "We Miss You"!
aunt mary
You are in our thoughts especially today the anniversary of your birth 27 years ago. We miss you.
Nick Suszczewicz
It's taken far too long for me to be still not be able to write something here. I still don't know the right thing to say. There is a lot that can be said for a person that leaves this world when there's still so much left for them to be a part of. You will be missed, you're still loved, and you'll never be forgotten...

I think of you often, more frequently as time goes by. Even though we lost touch after high school, you left a permanent mark on my heart. Each time I think of you a smile spreads across my face, even if tears also come to my eyes. At those moments I remember your wisdom that was always beyond your years, your heart that seemed to be filled with limitless love, your honesty and integrity, and how you gave all of your energy to each and every endeavor- expecting excellence from yourself but never expecting anything from others. I see you on chairlifts, powder days, in the crowd at races. And every once in a while, I see you in those quiet moments where you would simply "just be" with friends, relishing that quality time that the rest of us don't ever seem to get enough of.

Now when I think of you, I picture you and Arleen sharing stories, philosophies, and lots of brownies. I picture you two just as you were all those years ago- supporting the people you love in any capacity you can, and challenging those around you to be better people.
dirty dave
john was a great guy, i know both my brother and i still miss him.
aunt mary
Looking at the two photos that open at your site, I see your smile is the same, with a bike or with a boat. Miss that.
aunt mary
and indelible
That is the happiest kid in the world
Hey buddy - thinking about you today. Thinking about badminton even though it's cold outside...miss you man.
aunt mary
We will all be gathering in your special home tomorrow, though missing your Cynthia in the midst. You remain in our spirits.
John, I love you and I think about you everyday. These past two years have been very different without you and I miss you terribly. I'm gonna run down the street and drink a Cream O'Weber for you.

Love Always,
We think of you a lot.I think that everybody that has meet you thinks the the same. Your spirit is everlasting.