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Aunt Mary
Thinking about you bud.
Jessica Zdzinicki
Rest In Peace John. You will be missed.
Laura Whitaker
The way you lived life is an inspiration to us all! Live, love and JUST DO IT!!! Lots of love and prayers for Uncle John, Aunt Mary and Cynthia. Laura
Kathy Myint-Hpu
I will always remember John and your entire wonderful family. I'm so honored to have known all of you.
Lisa Keele
John helped me through things you only now know about! Thank you for being such a beautiful life!
Tears do not stop... for your life is missed beyond words!
Love, Your cousin Lisa
It is the 6th; I think for me, on every anniversary it will be as if just yesterday.
Karen T.
Dearest LJ,Little John,
You sped by us with a smile and a laugh โ€“ off to fish, to ski, to race, to enjoy life. Boy grown into man too early, calm, steadfast, wise and courageous, yours is a loving soul.

The time we shared with you blew by too quickly. We will always miss everything about you. You have left us so many happy memories to inspire us to love nature and life as you did. You will always be gentle loving LJ forever in our hearts.
Alex Spira
Was priveledged to know all of you and will always think of him on the slopes and that smile.
Helen Schwartz
It was such a joy to have Cynthia in class. She always demonstrated a strong commitment to her passions. There were four years between the time we last saw each other between graduations, but it is apparent that she has continued to grow in her love of life. I am so sorry for your loss yet happy that you had time to spend with the love of your life.
charles s gibson jr
an empty boat in the sunset....waiting another day...another captain...another mate....or just good friends enjoying another season till we meet again on another shore another will be missed
Lakes of Danbury, Jim & Dot Thompson
It was such a blessing to us to meet John and Phil, and our pleasure to entertain these two fine men for a day of fishing. John impressed us both by his faith, strength, and courage. The friendship of these two guys and the love of his family truly touched our hearts. May God be with you all and comfort you by the warm memories that you all now carry in your hearts.
From Texas, we will both be thinking of John, his wife, his parents, and all his family and friends this afternoon.

God Bless,
Jim and Dot Thompson, Lakes of Danbury
Lizzie Bontrager
Cynthia, my prayers are with you and I will never understand how hard this is for you.
Ellis Duncan
I remember John since he was just a baby bump at the the store Mary & Phyllis Lofton ran above the ice cream store in Old Town. Soon it was John & Philip in diapers and a play pin at the same locale. He developed quickly into a very bright, interested/interesting young man. He certainly learned to live life to the fullest with his keen interest in skiing and fishing. I didn't get to see him often in the last few years, but was always interested and concerned during his tough battle. He had such a brave outlook and I believe enjoyed life to it's fullest until the end. he will be sorely missed by everyone who ever had the pleasure of knowing him!
Another Mary
My prayers go out to the Rusts and Cynthia. It has to be the hardest thing ever for you all to move on. May all those good memories give you comfort. Love.
Mark Reid
I only met John one time, and it was well into his illness, but i was just struck by how calm he was about everything happening to him and how bravely he was facing it. He had no bitterness at all. He was a very nice, pleasant, unassuming young man. I only met him the one time, but I found myself admiring him a great deal. My prayers are with his family.
Tom Din
I first met John at one of Cynthia's High School soccer games, when Cynthia introduced him to me at the end of the game. It was very brief and I thought that he was a very pleasant person. Cynthia and John had been dating for several years since, but I had not seen him until I skied with John and Phil for one day at Solitude, Utah. It was one of my best day of skiing with those two. They took me to the back of Honey Comb Canyon where there was fresh powder and I saw how well John skis. I couldn't keep up with him. John got me hooked on Creme of Weber chocolate Milk! Next on a trip to Cynthia's place in Utah in Jan 2009, I had the pleasure of skiing again with John with Phil, Quentin and Susan. We went to nacho Mama's and John taught me how to tune skis, which I use all the time. Thanks John and I'm proud to call you "son-in-law".
John and Mary, my deepest sympathy to you, and Cynthia, I am proud of your strong devotion to John.
Norma and Dick Dyas
For many years, we would meet up with John and Cynthia in New Hampshire for a week of fishing and campfires with the Kreutzer family on Lake Wentworth. John and Cynthia would stay in their cool campvan, and John would hit the lake with his fishing rod before dawn. I can remember the joy he had fishing that lake. At night he would share tales around the fire with that shy smile of his. We will always remember him and the great life lessons he taught all of us in his final years.
Craig & Rachel Flanagan & Family
Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We are sorry we cannot attend the memerial service but we have a previous engagement.
Maggie Mills
Its been too many years since Ive seen or had spoken to Cynthia or John. But I would still like to say im very sorry to his family and close friends. He was a great man, and will be missed by many.
Tom and Katherine Canfield
There is little we can add, except for our sincerest condolences; this is the one loss we as human beings are just not programmed to endure - only strength, faith, fiends and memories can accomplish this. With all our best wishes-
Ashtyn Campbell
Before and after this tragic event, the caliber of individual that John is was evident in the many people who were blessed enough to be in his presence. Whenever the name โ€œJohn Rustโ€ has been brought up there have always been many great things to follow. When I heard what he had done with his Van and about the many trips he was taking, it just reaffirmed in my mind the magnitude of person he is. Infinitely inspiring us all, John will never be forgotten. Condolences to the Rust family and to Johnโ€™s beautiful wife Cynthia who is also an inspiration to us all.
Richard, Cynthia Roberson & Family (friends)
To John, Mary, Cynthia & Phil

The courage, love of life and
determination, Little John showed
in the last four years was only
matched by the love, devotion and
care you provided.
Donovan Darland
I honestly do not know what to say on this board that has not been said by great people already. All I know is that John, even though in his most weakest of times had a great heart; bigger than anything I could ever imagine. I admire his perseverance even though it was tough on him and everyone that loved him. I remember going to Buffalo Wild Wings and watching the transmitters play. I won the hot dog dipping competition (dont ask) and I remember John, cynthia, and J Bird laughing histerically. I envied his trips across America, I admired the man, and I will never forget the friend that he became.
Jon Birdwell
I feel blessed to have known such a great spirited person and we all will miss you greatly John but I know that now you are at peace and you were greatly loved by us all.
Mike Chacon (The Mayor!)
I remember the anticipation we all felt 4 yrs ago when John was coming to San Diego for the first time. We had heard so much about him from Tom and Linda that we all felt as if we already knew him. We knew of his struggles with fighting cancer and spending months in a hospital room and we just wanted to give him the best time possible. We spoiled him so much in a week, that he went home to Virginia and came back again the following week with his girlfriend Cynthia and then again and again because as John use to say "San Diego was paradise."

There are no words to describe the sadness that I felt when I heard John passed away. As a parent myself, my heart goes out to Johns parents for their loss and unimaginable pain they must be feeling. I hope they can find some comfort in reading the beautiful tributes said about John on this site. They are a true testament to his character and through their gift of John, he enriched the lives of all of those that he came in contact with.

My heart also goes out to Cynthia, who I had the pleasure of meeting many times. Cynthia, you are in my thoughts and prayers at this time. Last but not least, to Tom and Linda, thank you for giving me the opportunity to know John through his many visits out to San Diego. I know how special he was to you guys and my deepest condolences to you both as well.

Whenever I think of John, I will always remember his positive upbeat attitude he had in spite of all he was going through. I will also never forget the eternal smile that he had on his face every time I interacted with him. It was a true honor to know him.