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Thinking of you on your birthday and everyday. We will be taking the bass boat out on the river today and hopefully catch some big fish for you. I miss you so much, but most of all, I miss your infectious smile and laugh. My love for you will never change and you always have a unique and permanent place in my heart.

Happy Birthday my love
Lisa Lettieri
The sun is shining today and we're thinking of you. It should be a good day to be out in a boat and cool on the river.
awnt mary
today they are setting out to the other land you love and to your lady....i imagine you smiling all along their way.
Today was my last day of skiing for the season and I skied a total of 93 days this winter and over 1.5 million vertical feet. I skied every one of those days for you and I just know you were up there with me on those epic powder days and those perfect groomer arcing days. I have so much to thank you for because I wouldn't be in Utah or have skied all of those days if it weren't for you. But most of all, you have taught me how to live life. From you, I have learned to have as much fun as I can (every single day) and to be happy and to be with the ones that make you happy. That is what I did this winter and you taught me very well. You would be so proud of me. But now that the ski season is over, I look forward to a summer of bass fishing on the Potomac. I can't even describe how much I miss everything about you but I am so grateful that we were able to share 9 years of love and happy times.
Pamela Kaupinen
I was so incredibly saddened to hear of John's passing. John and I were on the Bryce ski team together and I'll never forget how talented and determined he was at such a young age. My heart and warm thoughts are with the Rust family.
John Kreutzer
Today, like everyday, when I turn off my computer I see you and Phil fishing at sunset. It reminds me of your special friendship, your smile in the pictures from the lake and how much I miss my son's best friend.
Jason Hodgkins
John. I visited Killington recently, and thought about all the crazy stories you told me upon your return. It really is a kick ass mountain! Miss ya man.
Lud Banderas
Dear Rust Family ,

I was so blessed to have met John too. I work here at the San Diego Marriott. I had the pleasure of meeting him and his wife to be at the concierge through his Uncle Tom n Auntie Mrs Linda . We always said he had the greatest smile. I was lucky to have met him. He will always be our NO 1 guest . God Bless ..... Lud Banderas
Aunt Mary
Thinking about you bud.
Jessica Zdzinicki
Rest In Peace John. You will be missed.
Laura Whitaker
The way you lived life is an inspiration to us all! Live, love and JUST DO IT!!! Lots of love and prayers for Uncle John, Aunt Mary and Cynthia. Laura
Kathy Myint-Hpu
I will always remember John and your entire wonderful family. I'm so honored to have known all of you.
Lisa Keele
John helped me through things you only now know about! Thank you for being such a beautiful life!
Tears do not stop... for your life is missed beyond words!
Love, Your cousin Lisa
It is the 6th; I think for me, on every anniversary it will be as if just yesterday.
Karen T.
Dearest LJ,Little John,
You sped by us with a smile and a laugh – off to fish, to ski, to race, to enjoy life. Boy grown into man too early, calm, steadfast, wise and courageous, yours is a loving soul.

The time we shared with you blew by too quickly. We will always miss everything about you. You have left us so many happy memories to inspire us to love nature and life as you did. You will always be gentle loving LJ forever in our hearts.
Alex Spira
Was priveledged to know all of you and will always think of him on the slopes and that smile.
Helen Schwartz
It was such a joy to have Cynthia in class. She always demonstrated a strong commitment to her passions. There were four years between the time we last saw each other between graduations, but it is apparent that she has continued to grow in her love of life. I am so sorry for your loss yet happy that you had time to spend with the love of your life.
charles s gibson jr
an empty boat in the sunset....waiting another day...another captain...another mate....or just good friends enjoying another season till we meet again on another shore another will be missed
Lakes of Danbury, Jim & Dot Thompson
It was such a blessing to us to meet John and Phil, and our pleasure to entertain these two fine men for a day of fishing. John impressed us both by his faith, strength, and courage. The friendship of these two guys and the love of his family truly touched our hearts. May God be with you all and comfort you by the warm memories that you all now carry in your hearts.
From Texas, we will both be thinking of John, his wife, his parents, and all his family and friends this afternoon.

God Bless,
Jim and Dot Thompson, Lakes of Danbury
Lizzie Bontrager
Cynthia, my prayers are with you and I will never understand how hard this is for you.