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That is the happiest kid in the world
Hey buddy - thinking about you today. Thinking about badminton even though it's cold outside...miss you man.
aunt mary
We will all be gathering in your special home tomorrow, though missing your Cynthia in the midst. You remain in our spirits.
John, I love you and I think about you everyday. These past two years have been very different without you and I miss you terribly. I'm gonna run down the street and drink a Cream O'Weber for you.

Love Always,
We think of you a lot.I think that everybody that has meet you thinks the the same. Your spirit is everlasting.
Aunt Mary
hey LJ, Your Dad reminded that today is the anniversary of your death. I am so sorry that you are not here with us, in the flesh...out there fishing, or skiing still probably...and smiling to light up the world.
I think about you and Philip together all of those years. We miss you.
Happy Birthday, John. I miss you lots.
Think about you every day, happy birthday.
Aunt Mary
hey LJ, thinking about you today on the 26th anniversary of your birth. We miss you.
Jody Trent
Today at my job in Michigan we were slow and I began thinking about all the pediatric oncology kids who touched my life. Instantly I thought of John and googgled his name. After reading the beautiful essay he wrote about his wife I found this page. I am so sad to learn of John's passing. I was his "hem/onc" nurse the first 3 days of his diagnosis in Fairfax and many days after that. You all are such a wonderful people. John was blessed with the best family and girlfriend/wife anyone could ask for. I wish you all nothing but happiness until you see crazy John again.
I can't believe it was 10 years ago when we started dating. Everyday I wear the ring that you gave me on the first Valentines day that we spent together. Thanks for sharing a decade of true love with me. Still love you and miss you so much.
Aunt Mary
I wonder, was that you and Mom remembering with your Mom and Dad?
Miss you.
Cindy Baldo
I was at Widewater Elementry yesterday. The trees you and your mom planted are full of fruit!! Just another sweet addition to this crazy world, left for all to enjoy. Thank-You !
Aunt Ellen
I carry you with me and share so many special quiet moments with you. I feel closer to you now that I may ask you to be with me and can feel your smiling presence. We had lots of New England adventures together and I cherish our wonderful memories of all of those fun times and trust that you did not have a dull moment. I am happy to know that you are at peace and your love for us will last forever, as mine for you. You warm my heart and I thank you for all of your strength and kindness and love. As, always I send you lots of love and hugs and return smiles.
I miss you John. Every time I'm on the train and I see the turn off for Brent Point Rd, I think of you and it makes me smile.
LJ, I am happy because you are happy. Everyone misses you. Love ya, C
To the world you may have just been somebody,
but to all of us you were the world.
It's hard to believe you left us one year ago today.
We cherish all of the beautiful memories we shared with you. We are in San Diego (paradise) and every day we talk about you and remember how much fun we had when you would come out to visit here in summers. We love you and miss you so much!
Uncle Tom 'T Bone'
LJ it has been a year since you have left us. I know damn well you are in a better place and thanks to your wonderful spirit you are with us in so many ways. Just know we miss you terribly and without a doubt you are a tremendous spiritual being who will be influencing me for the rest of my life!